What to expect from your group singing session

Coming to your first singing group can be a big step. Whether it's a workplace choir or a group arranged for singing with people in a similar situation as you, here's a quick run down of what you can expect. 

Warming up

We'll start with a gentle stretch and some breathing exercises to get your body ready to sing. You can chose how much you do and no one will judge you if you want to sit out at any point. You should never do anything that will cause you an injury or make an existing one worse. 

I'll then take you through some simple exercises to warm up your voice. These will be easy to follow and I'll be singing with you all the time. 

Getting started

Once we're warmed up, we might sing a simple song, perhaps as a round so that you can get used to singing with the other people in the group. 

Getting stuck in

I'll bring a range of songs and we'll have a go at singing these together. I usually accompany the singing on the piano and I'll be singing too. I've got a pretty loud singing voice so you won't have to worry about anyone listening to you (especially if we're on Zoom as all mics will be muted!)! I pick the songs especially for the group so there shouldn't be anything that you might find difficult. If anything we sing makes you feel uncomfortable, you are free to take some time out. 


Moving on

As you get used to singing with the group, you may want to learn to sing harmony or perhaps take a solo part - that's great! But no one will be forced to do this. You are always free to work at your own pace. If you have ideas for songs you'd like to sing, I love to hear them. Just let me know at the end of the session or drop me a message via this website or by email. We may work towards a particular goal (perhaps a public performance) or we may just meet and enjoy singing together. The sessions always include some teaching on how to sing and make the best of your voice, but if you'd like to know more, you might be interested in individual lessons or I can help you find a teacher close to your home.


The rules!

The most important thing is that singing is supposed to be good fun! If something is making it difficult for you, please have a quiet word and I'll do everything I can to help. We're all working at our own pace, so no one will be judged for the sound they are making. Take your time and don't do anything you don't want to - that's absolutely fine! 

Interested? Please do get in touch with me directly or via the organiser of your group.