When the dog bites, when the bee stings...

My sister gave my this beautiful notebook a few years ago. It was so lovely that I didn't feel like I could write in it and spoil it! But last year I took a decision never to save things for special occasions - life is sadly far too short. Drink the champagne, eat the chocolate and write in the book!

I decided that it was time to take the advice of Maria von Trapp. The metaphorical dog has bitten quite a lot in the last few years, so I decided I'd write an account of my favourite things. It's been great fun thinking about categories and what should make the list. I often talk about my top 5 biscuits - so that was an easy one (happy face, chocolate hob nob, butterscotch crunch, milk chocolate digestive, caramel digestive if you're interested. But what about my favourite walks or sounds. Which are my favourite roads and songs? I'm up to 28 categories now and hundreds of favourite things.

So now, when the bee stings and I'm feeling sad, I have a reminder that my life is full of lots of lovely things. It's a bit like counting my blessings but not in an "at least there's..." kind of way. That's really not helpful when you're grieving or in pain. I distinctly remember someone suggesting that "at least I know I can get pregnant" after I had a miscarriage. Well, no as it turns out, I can't! These are more like timely reminders that having the sky above my head makes me feel better or that I really should pop up to Hardwick Hall for a walk in the parkland. I really do find that these things mean that I don't feel so bad.

Why not write some of your own lists - or, if you're a fellow bullet journal addict, add a spread to your notebook! I'd love to hear about some fo your categories - might help me fill even more of my book. Tag me on Twitter or Instagram and add the hashtag #myfavouritethings - can't wait to hear about your cream coloured ponies!

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