Singing for wellbeing

Singing for everyone

Science is starting to realise the benefits of group singing for health and wellbeing, with research proving results in stress relief, mental health, boosting the immune system, reducing the symptoms of dementia and improving lung function. The breathing required to sing moves more oxygen around your body, improving circulation. It can even reduce snoring! 

I have experienced first hand the benefits of singing at difficult times in life and the reduction in stress and anxiety this can bring. Music and sharing music in a group can start or continue a process of healing and allow time for reflection or escape. 


I offer small and large group sessions for community groups and organisations from one-off events to weekly sessions. Reading music or having any previous experience in group singing is not required, as each event is designed carefully to balance the experience and ability of the group and material is chosen that is appropriate for both the skills and experience of the group and the type of session. 

Workplace singing

It’s perhaps Gareth Malone that we have to thank for the corporate world realising the benefits of workplace singing as part of their wellbeing programme. Having worked in the private sector for over 20 years, I have wide experience of the working environment and the pressures your people can face in their everyday roles. 

As well as being great fun, offering a workplace choir can:

  • Improve morale

  • Increase engagement

  • Enhance team work

  • Reduce absence through sickness

  • Help your team manage stress

  • Make your team more productive

  • Improve confidence


Sessions can be offered as regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions or as a one-off team building exercise or a workshop as part of wider events. Contact me to discuss how singing could improve your business.

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