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Torkard Ensemble

Community choir and instrumental group

I have the pleasure of making music with these lovely people. We have a choir and orchestra making a whole range of music in and with the Hucknall community. If you've been thinking about joining a choir or instrumental, this is a great place to be. 

The Mat Davis Orchestra

A friendly orchestra based in Nottingham

The Mat Davis Orchestra is a friendly group playing classical & film music and I have the pleasure of currently being one of the excellent woodwind section! Look out for our concert dates or, if you play look for our current vacancies and get in touch! 

Nicholls Production

Sound, lighting and event production

Chris lights concerts for the Torkard Ensemble and has provided sound for various things I'd done in the past. He has a great eye and a great ear and really cares about getting it right. And I happen to be married to him! 

Sarah Jones

Vocal coach and music teacher

Live on the other side of the city? I highly recommend Sarah Jones - a singing and music teaching living on the Carlton side of town. Sarah's an experience soprano, singing all sorts of music genres but also teaches flute and general music. 

Melanie Weston

Clarinet teacher

Flute not your thing? My musical friend Melanie teaches clarinet and recorder and is also based in Hucknall, Nottingham. 

Jenny Beaumont

Violin, viola and piano tuition

Looking for a violin or piano teacher in Hucknall? Look no further than Jenny! 

Other instruments

Want to learn something different?

I have lots of friends who teach all sorts of instruments in and around Nottingham - drop me a line and I'll let you know anyone I would recommend .

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